Honda will produce hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles in 2024

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In 2024, Honda will release a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV). This new model CR-V will provide emission-free driving for longer trips and an electric charge when commuting in town. Rather than having a gas tank, the car will hold a high-pressure hydrogen one--making it the first of its kind North America to couple plug-in with FCEV technology.

The company expresses that FCEVs powered by hydrogen are part of its goal to make transport more sustainable. To manufacture the vehicle, Honda will be using the Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) located in Marysville, Ohio. This isn't the first time the plant has been put to use; in fact, it manufactured the Acura NSX supercar and different Honda race cars previously.

With the FCEV, Honda aims to make driving more environmentally-friendly and convenient. By combining innovative technologies and industry-leading manufacturing practices, it hopes to position itself at the forefront of sustainable transport. We can't wait to see this car on our roads in 2024!